Lithium Ion Batteries: The New Horizon

Green Power For Your Future

RELiON is a manufacturer of premium Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries based in South Carolina USA.
Now in their 5th-year of proven product reliability backed by 15-years of proven quality from their partners who produce the lithium cells.


The Primary advantage is safety - Lithium Iron Phosphate - LiFePO4 is The Safest Lithium Chemistry, less reactive if abused, Higher temperature tolerance, can be operated up to 650C, better performance at higher temperatures due to higher lithium ionic conductivity, excellent thermal stability, thermal runaway at 2700C. Internal Power Control Board (PCB) or external Battery Management System (BMS) for higher watt systems and both the PCB & BMS protect against the following;

  • Under voltage protection & Over voltage protection
  • Prohibits reverse polarity connections
  • Over load protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Provides cell balancing if needed
  • Both PCB and BMS are easy to replace or repair if they fail

Fire protection - Thermal fuse, Explosion-proof stainless steel cell case, Flame retardant additive in electrolyte and Over-temperature protection

Longer Life Span - Lithium batteries often outlast the application they’re installed in. Anywhere up to 10 times the life span compared to lead acid alternatives

Faster Charging - Lithium batteries have two charging stages: absorption and trickle. With the capacity to charge at a higher efficiency, lithium batteries take a fraction of the time to charge

Lighter Weight - Lithium batteries are approximately one-third of the weight of lead acid alternatives. This makes a major difference in equipment performance and efficiency

Consistent Power - Because lithium-ion batteries have a higher voltage output than lead acid alternatives, they maintain a consistent delivery of power throughout discharge. Lithium batteries offer a higher usable capacity, meaning you get more hours of use between charging

RELiON manufacture a range of “drop-in” case sizes to suit current applications including:

Solar - Marine/RV - EV, NEV, Golf and Utility Vehicles – Mobility - Floor Cleaning - Aerial Work Platform – Military - Emergency system back-up; security and lighting - UPS, Telecom and switch-gear and more.

Sizes Include:
12V, 24V and 48V batteries - 5AH – 300AH
Standard BCI and DIN sizes cases
Cylindrical and Prismatic Construction (depending on case size)

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